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Vinyl printing advice needed


New Member
Hi just looking for some help and advice please.
I am wanting to start doing printed vinyl stickers for cars and drones and was just wondering if there are any small scale printers available?
Only ones I can find are huge and £3000-£10000.
As I say I am only wanting to do small prints and small ,possibly one off runs so cannot justify the big price tag.
Thanks in advance Chris


Active Member
The Gerber Edge FX might be your best bet. It works on 15" wide vinyl and uses resin foils instead of ink. That's a plus and a minus, depending on what kind of printing you want to do.

In the inkjet world, the Roland VersaStudio BN20 works with 20" material and prints and cuts in the same machine. It's cheaper than the Edge but its prints are less durable.