Vinyl problem on Conestoga trailers


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I did a trailer for a customer and the colored vinyl is peeling off. There are other spots on the trailer that are doing the same thing. The white vinyl is the same material, just not printed and laminated so I don't think my surface preperation was poor. I think the problem is with the laminate used not being flexible enough. The laminate would have been Arlon 3220 Gloss over Arlon cast vinyl and printed on an SP300V.

For those of you who don't know, the Conestogas are the soft-sided semi-trailers that roll up so material can be put inside.

Has anyone else had this problem, or do you have any solutions?




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I would think it has to do with the "streach" of the fabric under the vinyl. If you put a heavy pull on a regular banner with cut vinyl you will see the vinyl pop from the fabric when the sun hits it. Sounds like the same thing.


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Typical trailer material in North America is known as standard ‘coated fabric’ as in the way it is manufactured and there are many versions all with different characteristics. Some allow self adhesive, many do not due to the high content of plasticizers to keep the fabric flexible.

The term is always confused, with what we known in the sign industry, as ‘coated’ meaning the material is surface coated to accept paint or vinyl.

The banner materials we sign guys regularly use are typically a ‘laminate fabric’ and usually have adhesive & paint receptive surfaces.

Without knowing the particular brand or type of material, a general rule of thumb is self adhesive will not adhere long term to tractor trailer fabrics.

In other countries where flexible trailers are common, they tend to use more appropriate fabrics that allow graphics.

As Si Allen said, the vinyl screen ink works best on these truck materials, because it is indented to adhere to these types of flexible fabrics.