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Need Help Vj1204 Generic Profiles Not Cutting It


New Member
To start I apologize if I'm in the wrong section.

I've had a Vj1204 for quite some time now, I still use Flexi 10 and am using pre-made profiles.
My most recent job has a ton of gradients from black to white. Obviously black to white gradients use all levels of grey. in the darker section of the gradient I'm either getting green or red tints. I have tried adjusting my levels in my rip and opened the variations on Production manager to make changes there with no luck.
Am I wasting my time? I've read through every post with no real answer other than to profile my printer. I will be profiling it as soon as i can muscle up the extra funds to do so but that is not an option right now.

On a side note... When i o muscle up enough for an i1 where can i get training on creating usable profiles IN flexi. As in using flexi's profile creation tool.

Thanks in advance!