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VMP with VersaCamm?


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Hi folks,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life's been hectic and my home computer died...WAAAAAAAA After a new motherboard, RAM chip, graphics card, and new hard drive, I get it back...LOL Until then, I am stuck with only the puter at work. *sigh*

Anyhoo...went to the VersaCamm demo today. My company is finally ready to purchase. I know I have asked if there were any way to keep our Omega as a sign software and be able to use it for cutting/printing with the VersaCamm. I still don't think I understand why you can't.

Have been looking at VinylMaster Pro. The company is not going to let me spend a mint on software after spending thousands on the new printer, and the price is nice at $500. Has anyone used this software in conjunction with the VersaCamm? I will need to get my software squared away before the VCamm gets here. It seemed as if the rep who is selling it to me is only familiar with Corel. I really do not want Corel. I have fooled around with it and just do not like it.

Suggestions? Ideas? Comments? Anyone have a cold beer? :Big Laugh



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Im not familiar with Omega so I can not comment on its compatibility... A few things to point out though.

1. The software your using must be able to create a spot color called "CutPath". This spot color is applied to any lines you wish to be cut lines. Without this ability you cannot cut with the versacamm. I know for sure both Adobe Illistrator and Corel support this functionality.

2. You print for the Rip application so your design software does not necessarly have to suppor the versacamm.

Bang for the buck, Corel is the best way to go, it does not hurt to have a copy of Adobe Illistrator(AI) as well. Both are fairly in-expensive and very powerfull. I actually use, Flexi, Corel & AI, each can do certian things better than the other.

Fred Weiss

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If Omega were to be of any use to you it would just be for your layouts. You would still have to export out and import into Corel or Illustrator for the "cutpath" assignment. From there it would be outputted to the Roland RIP for printing and cutting.

Depending on what version of Omega you have, this might go smoothly or it might not. Their latest software versions have much improved import and export filters.


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GraphiXtreme said:
What function are you using to generate the Cutpath in Corel? Are you using a combination of outlines?

Under the outline tool you go to the palette tab and create a color called CutPath. It can be any color as long as its called CutPath. You then create an outline or whatever you want to do and set it to that color. Everything that is this color will be cut.