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VMP With XP?


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Only prob I've had is the change
in daylight savings time !!!
Knocks it off register status,,,
have to reregister it !!!
Other than that,,,no probs !!!


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GTCway... Thanks for the response. I'm having problems with XP reading the dongle. I'll keep trying.

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Sorry, I didn't mention that I'm using version 2.5 so I don't have a dongle. I've never used any software that required a dongle so I probably won't be of any help but I'll give it a try.

Do you have a driver that came with the dongle so that windows will recognize it?
If you installed the driver, did you check the Device Manager to see if there are any problems or conflicts or if it is actually detected?
Is the dongle connection serial, parallel (printer port), or USB? If it is serial or parallel and windows won't even recognize that you have it connected, it's possible the port is turned off in the BIOS.


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gtcway... Driver is loaded when you load VMP.
BIOS is ON for PNI Paralle Port. It checks out OK!

Note: VMP runs fine on my other system which I
I'm running Windows 98. It is connected to the ECP Paralle Port.