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VMP Won't cut


New Member
I'm running the dongle version of VMP. All of a sudden when I send jobs to cut, they don't show up in my cut que. When I send a test cut to the plotter it cuts fine.

I'm waithing for a call back from tech support, but last time that took 2 days.


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in the "pre dongle" era of VMP, it was related to the program not being "registered".... not sure if that's an issue with the dongle or not, but you might want to see if VMP is recognizing your product as being a registered version if just having the dongle is not enough to tell the prgram that information.
Perhaps there is a registration # that still needs to be input and recognized by VMP.


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I beleive your problem is that you went right to "install VMP" on the installation disk. Shut down your computer then restart. Then insert VMP CD and install again but this time before you click on the main "install VMP' look up in the right hand corner where it reads "dongle install". Click on that. I beleive that will solve your problem. Restart your computer.
NOTE: Always make sure your plotter is on first before turning on your computer.

Let me know if this helped you.



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Just saw this....interesting. I have the 2.95 dongle version and my BIG gripe is the LACK of parameters in the plotter box. The one I have in DeSign Art 3.5 is G R E A T. Also there is no read back to the VMP program like ANA had....Maybe one day they will get that going!!!!! HINT HINT if anyone from Future Domain is looking as this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIT"R DONE!!!. But back to the dongle situation, now I know why my computor locks up on start up with the dongle inserted...ahhhh knowledge....priceless!!....:smile: