VP 540i special banding


Hello guys,

I'm french and I need some help about banding. I don't know if it's the correct word

I have banding on a VP 540i.

This kind of banding looks like a lighter band and this phenomenous is completely hazardous. sometimes that's happening just after several inch (about 10). see the attached scheme

This what I have checked:
- feed motor calibration (service menu)
- pinchroll pressure
- take up motor tension.
- encoder strip and calibration (service menu)
- capping and pump. I swapped the 2 pumps
- swap head cables
- swap printheads and print 100% of each colors
- create a new profile ICC

I will check dampers also but their don't look like damage.

do you have an idea? do you know this problem?

thanks in advance!




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we have this issue sometimes on our machine, is the printer is a controlled environment (humidity, temperature)?

if you are in a bind and need to get a job out the door, I have run in uni-directional high quality before and it goes away, but it's painfully slow!