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vp540 ink starvation?


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I have a VP540 that is having an issue where mid print i will just lose ink in the print by the looks of it, After about an inch of printing this way it goes back to normal. This printed in uni direction to see if it would go away and it didn't. We have tried multiple prints and it happens in random locations, not the same spot twice.

I have uploaded some photos to imgur, hopefully its clear enough to see what I am talking about, The issue is in the green section right next to where the horses started to print.

Would be appreciated if anyone is able to help with this

PS: Also i have changed the encoder strip already and this did not fix my issue unfortunately

It's not ink starvation, green is the mixture of yellow and blue, if one of them would be missing you'd have different green shades. Try it with different media or give it more heat, it may be actually too much ink. I'd also lube the rail just in case.

Jun Lanon

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Banding issues are related to head temperature. First determine which color is causing the issue then adjust print head temperature.


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  • This is a VP540 (not VP540i) correct?
  • Just to be clear, is this horizontal banding?
  • What does your Test Print (nozzle check) look like? Can you post a picture?
  • When was the last time you replaced the caps/dampers?
  • Have you performed the feed calibration?
  • Does the same thing happen on other media?


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I agree this could be a material problem. Or encoder but you already replaced that. If the bands are vertical not horizontal, the material could be bunching up near a roller. Have you tried printing it on different media just to compare?