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Vs-540i cyan not printing but printing in pink band

Michael Hajduk

New Member
New to this site and have a problem with my printer not printing cyan, I think lite cyan. Only about 1% of nozzles on print test. When I do a lot of cleanings the cyan slowly comes back but after a printing a small graphic falls out again. When it falls out it starts printing a full color band of cyan where the magenta should be next to it and it’s band is totally blank. Not sure how it is moving over to the magenta. The two colors are not even on the same damper. Changed dampers and checked air in lines but no change. Did a ink renewal also but same results. Did all the head cleaning procedures but same results. Any ideas of what could be causing the problem.

Broome Signs

New Member
Sound like you have 2 problems

Dropping out is probably a cracked head cap ( the nipple the damper sits on
Easy replaced.

2nd problem
Take the ribbon out of the head
If any of the gold tabs are damaged, Replace the print ribbon from the head to the print board
If the ribbon is damp you have fluid in the head
This must be completely dried off before you do anything else

If ribbon is ok and head is dry and you still get the Solid band of colour from the print head whilst printing
It’s a 100% head fail

Only remedy is to replace it

Michael Hajduk

New Member
Yes the head had to be replaced and now all is fine, the white line seems to be a bad choice with this ink setup. Not used enough and then dries out and damages print head. Have replace the white line and now only filled with flush fluid for the white before changing printhead. Also found the white ink dried in the circulating pump so had to change that also.