Need Help VT / New England area. Looking for cut Vinyl


Shawn - Alchemist Signworks
I've been slowly increasing the services offered in my small, home based, sign business. Most of my signs are hand painted and/or hand carved.
I have no desire (at all) to have a vinyl printer / cutter but would like to add this as a service. Is there anyone close to Vermont willing be my supplier?
Are there other online services available similar to Signs365 but provide more than just printed products? ( As I would like solid cast vinyl as well ).

I would supply the vector files and would need someone to print/cut, weed, apply tape and ship (or I can pick up if local ).

Most of my jobs are not time sensitive.

I would like to have a base price per square inch/foot and a flat rate for shipping if possible. This way I can provide a quote my clients quickly.

Please let me know if you’re interested in helping me out -


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Pretty good work, btw. My suggestion; find a shop in the area that you can work with and supply your own materials for colors they may not stock. Some dealers will allow you to purchase by the foot or yard.

I'm not aware of any place that sells cut/weeded/taped vinyl graphics outside of someone like Stouse doing decals.


Shawn - Alchemist Signworks
I used to work with them several years ago. I haven't been able find them. I think they might be closed. I also just found out that New England signed Supply also closed? Looks like grimco took over for my area?
Gregory Graphics still does this.

It is tricky because they need to roll the product for shipping, which can cause considerable installation issues (it is not the same as rolling printed graphics, which are typically one piece.

My experience from back in the day was to order the vinyl cut but with no masking. Masking, however, has more space demands than cutting. By the time you set up a table for masking and figure out a way to control the masking tape, you might as well just go buy a cutter (a new 24" can had for <$400).

I outsource everything except for design and cut vinyl. I would outsource cut vinyl if I could, but it just doesn't work out well.