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vytek gem 40 plotter cutter


New Member
I am trying to connect my vytek to my new imac tiger. I think that I need a
USB serial adapter. I found info from www.keyspan.com. I don't know which product is correct. Please help.
I also have two different manuals for my vytek.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Someone else may know of a given brand that might work but, from what I read at a forum for Gerber Edge owners, a number of them don't work while a few do. It's a crapshoot.

I recognize that you are not dealing with Gerber equipment, but that is where I have read about it, so for what it's worth ... Here is a quote on the subject from a senior software engineer with Gerber:

When purchasing a USB-to-Parallel cable for this purpose, we recommend buying well-known brands. It is possible that one cable might work and another might not. We have successfully tested USB-to-Parallel cables from Radio Shack®, Prolific Technologies®, CP Technologies® and Cables Unlimited®.

Hope this helps.