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Wacom Graphics Tablets, is bigger better?


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Hi everyone I am interested in purchasing a Wacom drawing tablet, and I am wondering what the difference is between the sizes? Is bigger better or is it just personal preference? My brother has a 4 X 5 inch tablet and says that it works great, but last week when I was visiting another sign shop I noticed that they use like a 12 X 18 tablet. What should I look for in a tablet? What will a larger tablet do that a smaller one wont? :Canada:


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In this case, bigger IS better. Per square inch, the various models of WACOM tablets have the same resolution within those models so if you want higher resolution, you'll need a bigger tablet. They have three or four models and several sizes per model. Each model has it's options that make using it different from the other models. You can assign different commands to the buttons, so if you use several commands regularly, you may want a tablet with more buttons.

I made the transition to pressure sensitive about a year ago and have noticed a difference in productivity. Until that time, I had been using a drafting tablet and puck.

My best advice is to try as many as you can. Even if you can buy it cheaper online, this is a case where I would advise you to find a local dealer willing to let you try one or two before you buy one. Stick with that dealer for the purchase, the extra ten or twenty bucks will be worth it in the long run and you'll have a "go-to" guy just in case.


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depends on what your using it for it you plan on using this all the time the larger ones can be quite hard on your hands/arms to use, as your dragging right across the tablet all the time. i used to use a 12 x 18 but found too fatiguing and downgraded to a smaller model.. best bet is whats mentioned above if you can try one out first.. (my 2c would be to stay clear of the cheap and nasty aiptec models and go right for the real thing, the wacom.)


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I've been wondering the same thing. Best thing is Wacom headquarters is about 15 minutes from my house!

I wonder if they have a show room of some type.....