Wall Graphic Resolution & Installation


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We're relatively new to the sign business and just landed our first wall graphics jobs. The first is a painted sheet rock wall with a medium sprayed texture, the other is a concrete beam that is relatively smooth except for some concrete form recesses that will need to be grouted. 2 Questions....

#1. I've been told that on this type of image we'll want resolution set to 150dpi at actual size. Is this appropriate for a 13' x 7 1/2' graphic? Do you simply re-size (interpolate) this up in Photoshop to get to that resolution? Any tips on the artwork side of this?

#2. I just went and tested the two different surfaces this morning at the site. It looks like 3M Controltac Graphic Film IJ180-10 will be a good fit. It will be printed on an Epson GS6000 and finished with their matte 8520 laminate. The other job in addition to the one above is a painted concrete beam. 34" x 40' x 2 sides. We are definitely going to have to panel the 13' x 7 1/2' job--I'm thinking one vertical right down the middle. On the other, I'm thinking of 4) 34" x 10' sections per side of the beam to make the material a bit easier to handle. Any thoughts on this strategy? Should these be butt-fit or should we allow for a little overlap?

Any other words of wisdom to help this project along? Many thanks!