Wall Graphics that last


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We've got a customer who is looking at doing some wall graphics. We gave her some samples of a fabric wall vinyl that looked great. Her customer loved then. She came back that it needs to last up to 5 years.

Not very comfortable with anything I have seen in all my catalogs to last this long. Does anybody have a recommendation for a material that will last up to 5 years...prefereably removable.


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Its a tough thing to really estimate. Is it going to stay in one place over the five years? Taking it up and down many times is going to effect the adhesion at some point.

What's the temp/humidity like in the room? If it is not in AC where it can get humid at times, that will effect the adhesion as well.

In a perfect world an indoor graphic should have no problem lasting five years. Throw in some of the factors above and that could change for sure.


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I really like Phototex for wall graphics, but you do need to kick up the vibrancy a little bit as it has a textured Matte finish. But it is very easy to install and I have had it up for two years now without any problems.


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For a long term application thats not getting taken down then you should use a wet strength paper like Intellicoat GFIOP212 which works just like a wallpaper.


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+2 for Phototex.

I've sprayed it with Frog Juice or 1 Shot clear with good results. Makes it a little more vibrant but not glossy.

Got a sample of Seramark from Mike at Imprintables Warehouse but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.


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Here is why i like Seramark over Phototex...

1. Better white point
2. Much better opacity
3. Color Reproduction
4. CPSIA Compliant


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Seramark. We looked at Phototex to carry, while the adhesion, printing and cutting weren't bad by any means, the opacity and and white point were not.