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Wall Panels

So I'm installing these 10' tall wall graphics that have 1/2" bleed. I'm having the hardest time lining the second panel up now that I've installed the first one. I was careful not to stretch material and the wall is pretty flat. I know that graphics lined up when laid on a table. Has anyone run into this? I'm struggling to make them line up perfectly


CorelDRAW is best
A good practice would be to alternate your panel prints. i.e. rotate every other print 180°


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Could be a number of things. Was it lined up all the way down? Meaning, you can take your ruler or measuring tape and there's a consistent 1/2" bleed overhanging the edge the entire length of 10' panel?


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It's been a long time since I've seamed a graphic and never anything this big but when all we had was a Roland SP-300 I used to tape all of the panels onto the substrate at once and line them up. I would then vertically stagger the hinge tapes so to not interfere with the application of the panels before/behind it. Then I would apply the "top" halves of each panel, then go back and do the bottom halves. It was a huge PITA and I don't know if I could have managed it doing 10' panels. The largest vertical installation I ever did like that was maybe 5 feet, but my seams always matched up quite well.


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In the media advanced options on the printer. Turn it off and see if the lengths are more consistent.