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Wall wrap

Mark Van Dillen

New Member
I having a hard time trying to find the best gloss paint to recommend to customer to paint wall so that we have best adhesion for wrapping. Can anyone recommend a particular paint brand that will work best?

jono Shaw

New Member
Hi Mark,
Does it have to be gloss?
I’ve always recommended dulux diamond hard eggshell.
Firstly because you have a far easier time lining prints as the tack isn’t instant and can be repositioned.
Second because it’s cheaper and easier to get a good finish with than gloss.

This is from years of experience working with media ranging from the cheapest of the cheap right up to ww309, never once have I had an issue with adhesion

Broome Signs

New Member
1st off if you rub your palm of your hand on the wall and you get paint residue on your hand, you must seal the wal