Waterjet Pickle


We just got our Dardi Chinese waterjet installed and up and running last week. After two days of running it, last night, something popped during a cutting run and air started blowing out of the abrasive tank. We turned the system on and it did the same thing twice more. Started cutting , moved about 3 inches, popped and the system shut down. We decided to address the issue this morning, and now the system doesn't even come on to begin with. It may have overheated as the cooling oil jars are close to empty. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any idea what to do here?:frustrated:

James Burke

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Call the manufacturer.

If they give you the run around, then send it back and call Omax or Flow.



got it fixed

thanks JB, interesting.

All of our manuals are in Chinese and we had training with a Chinese gentleman for 2 days but there's no way we could have covered everything in those 2 days. Turns out it was a safety switch on a maintenance door under the machine. Like a fridge light button switch. tiny black thing that the trainer had electrical taped down to work down there and the tape slipped. I know this machine is going to give me a lot of problems though. It came as a discounted add on to our plastics recycling line so we can't really send it back. We have a cnc bit router also, but from what I can tell I will be doing a ton of maintenance on the waterjet.