Weather Rant

So I posted poned wrapping a cube van on Thursday for this weekend because it was suppose to be in the 100's during the day and upper 80's at night.

Because its to big to fit in our shop with the AC we would have to do the install at our warehouse that is basically a barn with no insulation or AC. So not wanting to deal with the high heat and problems with the vinyl my installer and I agreed to hold off.

So its a nice cool 75 with a nice breeze right now and instead of wrapping a truck here we sit. I was actually a little cold as my wife and I waited outside at the restaurant for our number to be called.

I've only got 1/2 of it printed and none of it laminated because I figured since we were cancelling the weekend wrap I would print it Monday or Tuesday instead.

I just wish the people that forecast the weather could get it right, just once.