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Has anyone used for an ecommerce site in the past ? I am wondering if their is an easier option for the do-it-yourself.

i have different products in different sizes so i would need something like

( example : item # 222 sm 9.99, med 10.99, lg 12.99, xl 14.00, xxl 16.00

do i have a limit to sizes and prices ?

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I don't use it, but my BRIEF glance at it says it looks ok for small volume, meaning you don't have thousands of items you're going to sell.

Most shopping carts allow some form of "options" pallet to give buyers.

Do they host the cart, or do you need to host it yourself?

If you ever plan on having hundreds or thousands of items you're going to want to make sure you can upload CSV files or other "bulk" systems. Otherwise you'll be in hell with creating items one at a time.
Most web hosting companies have built in features for e-carts like zencart etc. You might have to pay a little more to get that service versus just the basic web hosting service, but it is available.

Coffee cup does have a shopping cart module, but it doesn't allow for custom templates on their own and you don't have much custom ability with the options for the individual listings.