Weird Corel issue


I'm using x7, and while reading something on the net, all of a sudden the software decides to quit working, while i wasn't even using it, the last time I used it was last night. Any ideas why? I'm running it on Windows 8.1


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Corel is always in "beta" mode. Strange quits, sudden errors etc. Just save your workspace and reinstall.


I know every time I put an oversized bmp in corel, it will bog down the whole system every 10 minutes when it does an autosave. Did you have a bunch open, or large document open when this happened?
Also I wouldn't put it past 8.1 as the culprit!


CorelDRAW is best
way too many variables that could cause all kinds of stuff. I'm using X7 with WIN7 and it's rock solid.
Tips - check virtual memory settings
Turn off auto-save
Dump temp files often - I use a batch file that kills corel/dumps the temp files then restarts corel.


corel has run just fine on 8.1, this happened again this evening, i only had 2 windows open at the time. yes myron i delete the temp files every morning. i/ve never had a problem until now.. what would turning off auto-save have to do with it?
what would turning off auto-save have to do with it?

I have a program (that actually interfaces with DRAW directly (only reason why I actually have DRAW in the first place)) and if "you" let the backup files take up so much room, it can wreck havoc on how reliable the computer is, including random crashes. Now Corel, may not suffer from the same problem, but that is just my experience with backup files that can cause system instability. Not something that would cause me to turn off auto backups, as that has saved my bacon on more then one occasion why I was using that program, but it did make me get into a regime of culling the backup files every so often. I would suggest that more so then just turning off the auto backups in their entirety. If that even does have something to do with your current issues.


Thanks for the replies, it very well could have been the temp files causing this, when I emptied it this morning, it was showing that there was more than 12,000 items associated within the 43 items to be dumped, even though i emptied the temp files Friday morning.


Corel has background tasks option with x7.. turn that off. its not the same as backups, its a way of allowing you to work while its doing stuff in the background. if you try too many functions in succession while its running one in the background, like saving a file, it will just black out.


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only semi related but iv just updated to corel 2020 and its a lot better than x7 or x8 for reliability anyway in my opinion, but windows 8.1 hasnt got a great rep in fact everyone i know hates it so i agree with JBurton with that.