wet print need help

I have a prismjet extra/falcon outdoor/and any other name they have for this machine ha-ha. using flexi 8.5v1. Everything has been going great for years and today all of a sudden this. I Tried to print today and the print was wet looking and bleeding. The heaters say they are to temp 48-front 45 fixer. I thought maybe the heater wasnt working, but the 1'' silver strip right at printing area is warm and the table after the print is warm also. Program mngr still says 720x720 and the light on the machine is on 720. looks like a print that was done on 1440. I havent changed any settings or anything and it printed awesome yesterday. Has this happened to anyone else or anyone know what it might be. sorry if I left out any info needed to pinpoint the problem. thanks in advance - Justin