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What am I missing?

Joseph Dunkle

New Member
On my windows xp laptop, using corel I have a font called EucrosiaUPC. I needed it on my desktop in flexi, when I transfered it to the windows NT folder "fonts" it show it there. Now when I open flexi it is not there. Is there a seperate font folder for flexi?


New Member
I believe if you have too many fonts in Flexi, you won't be able to import more. Delete one font in your fonts folder and see if the font now appears in Flexi.



New Member
Did you restart Flexi (close it out the open it back up) when installing a new font Flexi will not see it unless you do that.


New Member
Do you create in Corel and Transfer to Flexi?
If so, when using any font, ctrl Q (convert to curves)
and flexi will find it.