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What do people use to view/manage fonts


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Eli ... That post sounded so desperate for a topic that i might as well inquire about something :biggrin:

I use Thumbsplus and Typograph to view/manage my fonts. Thumbs was the first i had (about 5 years ago) and i also use it to view picture files.

Typograph is geat because not only does it read .TTF fonts but also Type1 fonts. For typograph to work you must have adobe type manager installed (the light version is free).

What do other people use and what does your program do other than view/manage fonts.


Yep, I guess it was. I just didn't like seeing that "never" as last post. lol. However, the subject you brought up is a good one. Sounds like some good programs too, got any links? Thanks.


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I use something called Arts & Letters Boss Font Manager. It came bundled with a CD I bought (which one ? your guess as good as mine) Works pretty good, but is limited to 1000 fonts at a time.


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I have the Boss fonts too. Wierd thing about it is if you use it to uninstall fonts, it will not delete them from you drive. I found another that I like much better (FREE too). It is called "The Font Thing" and I found it on the Letterhead site.


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Font Thing is the best. Letterheads also has a bunch of other useful utilities that come in handy. My Windows wouldn't let me install fonts. Turns out there was a corrupted system file. They had a utility that fixed the whole font directory.


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Using the type manager that comes with vinylmaster pro.... allows the ability to scan a font and gives matches based on the font characteristics... great when a cust comes in with an Oddball font and wants to match it up

Fred Weiss

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I've been using Typograf for some time now and love it. Not just as a font manager but also for creative selection and font identification. We just type out whatever phrase is needed and start scrolling through our font library which we have sorted into categories and have installed on our file server.

For font identification, we also use FontExpert which will identify an unknown font from a scanned sample about 80% of the time.


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Another vote for The Font Thing here!
I've used this for years. Way before I even got into the sign business. I'm always helping people find fonts and this is the best way for me to view them. I had so many at one time that I had to wait 5 minutes for the program to load them. I just created catagories and moved them around, install, uninstall at a push of a button. So easy to use!