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Question What is the best Rtape clear choice to use with Oracal 651


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What is the best Rtape clear choice to use with Oracal 651 (or any other brand)?

In other words Hight Tac, Medium, or Low Tac



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we like Transfer Rite Clear Medium Tack 1310 Ultra Clear for the usage on 651


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+1 to 4075RLA. We used to use clear choice but with our homemade premask applicator rig the clear stuff tended to generate too much static electricity and the vinyl was prone to jump off the table up to the premask in unhelpful ways.


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We have been using Poli-Tape for years but it seems the last few years the static problem has been horrible. Oddly it seems like it has gotten worse since we got a humidifier (as I thought that would help the problem). And don't get me started on how much I hate AT75. I accidentally bought 4 rolls of that crap so I'm finally down to my last roll before I go back to paper for my high-tac needs.


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For most applications, there is no clear tape choice worth considering. Use Oracal's own high tack paper, or R-Tape or Transfer-Rite.

Some beginners like clear because it gives them more confidence lining up graphics. Experienced techs prefer paper for its easier handling.

651 is my favorite short-term calendered vinyl. I use it for promo and real estate signs. It is slightly thicker and more rigid than cast vinyl, making it a breeze to weed. The adhesive is aggressive. I use it on flat surfaces only.



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I go with medium tack .
Whatever is on sale.
The heavy attack is too difficult to deal with.

I use medium tack on paper also for large graphics, easier handling