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what is the cost to go 3D


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My boss wants to know what the cost to convert our gerber 408 to 3D software.Here is what I have found so far.

Enroute pro $6000.00 We currently only have art path.
Re-set up Table with new drivers and software ?$$$

I am not sure what training is involved in running enroute.We currently design using CS2 so all files come to me in AI format.hopfully this is not an issue because my boss hates PCs.




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I don't know that perticular router but if your Z-axis goes up and down there shouldn't be any drivers or software needed on the machine. 3D is all in the toolpath which is created in the software.

From what I have heard enroute is a good software. I use Type3 which is a very good software. artcam would be another.


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ArtCam is great but very exspensive. I run a Gerber Sabre with artcam and just bought a MultiCam. Sabre's are nice but gerbers software sucks. The Sabre is very accurate for 3D work. ArtCam Pro is about 8000.00 and training about 1000.00 more. I did not need training and if your familiar with with CNC's and machining you could get by without it. Good luck