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What is the proper way to outgas my wall murals prior to install


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I am installing wall murals in my home and have printed them out tonight so I can install tomorrow. Is it ok that I have wound up the panels on the take-up reel for them to outgas? or am I supposed to spread them all out on the floors so they can outgas openly?

I don't have enough space to lay them all out opened... so is it ok for them to sit overnight wound up on the core?


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I'd break them down off the core - stand them on end in loose rolls so at least a little air can circulate.
For future projects (and you are still tight on space) you could look into getting plastic milk cartons to stand them on.
Some here have set up small fans to move the air up into the roll to help speed up the drying.


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I shoot for 48 hrs (on the core) before laminating, when I can, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes. For anything less try to break them down. If you're not laminating then it doesn't matter.


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I assume these are solvent printed then (you don't mention printer type) ? If not (as in latex), there is no outgassing.