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What is this printing technique?


New Member
It looks like a roll to roll method that can print on mesh material in bulk, but I can't seem to find the technology or equipment for it.



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There doesn't seem to be any point in which they actually show the printing process (unless I missed it). When they mention logo printing (1:19ish) it looks like it could potentially be heating/drying? Maybe some form of dye-sumblimation?


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Omg, you are amazing. I don't know how the hell you found that. I've been researching Flexographic printing all day and could not find any examples of it being used on mesh.

Now I just need to find a custom printer who will run my material.
I would just contact one of the manufacturers of the printers and see if they can give yo a list of potential users who may be willing to do your work. Kinda going to depend on the volume that you need.