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Suggestions What kind of paper?

Marion Catalano

New Member
Hello there.
I own a sublimation business and I just purchased a 13x18 laminator machine.
The only thing I'm not sure off and can't really find anything on the web is what kind of paper
to use? I'm planning at the moment to make placemats, memory cards, and luggage tags.
I have an Epson 1430 inkjet printer.
Thank you


Merchant Member
You mean, what type of dye sub paper to use? You can probably use any of them and see which ones yield the best colors off your machine. I happen to deal dye sub paper if you are interested, I have a branch over in Chicago also.

Marion Catalano

New Member
Thank you so much. I do have plenty of sublimation paper.
That would be paper for the laminator. I thought maybe somebody could point me to a nice paper for graphics.


owner Hybrid Design

No one really understand what your are asking. You might want to phrase it more like "I have xxx type of printer and want to know what sort of paper I can print xxx on and then laminate in pouches"

You mentioned the 1430 so you can print on pretty much any inkjet paper you want. Thicker paper if you're using thinner pouches and vice versa for thin pouches. Unless you mean you have 1430s converted for dye sub in which case you'd need to say what type of printer you're printing the tags on...

Marion Catalano

New Member
Thank you, I know I suck in explaining :(
I have a Fellowes Jupiter2 125 Pouch Laminator. I only purchased 10mil pouches and used Epson premium presentation paper.
The images are amazing but since I need to use two pieces of paper for the front and back it is a little too thick.
I figured I have to get the 7 or 5 mil pouches?
I was basically just looking for a thinner paper with amazing image quality.
I do sublimation as well but I have a special printer for that.
But thank you for reaching out.