What Software Do You Use for Cut Only?

Yes it does, Roland, Summa, Graphtec and more cutters are supported as well.
That is good to know. (I’m assuming you are talking about the Omega Series). My Gerber plotter broke down & I have a new graphtec plotter on the way.
I’ve been stressing about how I was going to print & cut clear labels for a regular client. (I also have an Edge 2)
Thank you you for the information.


It's Crackers to Slip a Rozzer the Dropsy in Snide
A couple of years ago I was replacing by old beater PC with a new one. The old machine was running Flexi 8.6. Somehow the Flexi dongle wouldn't play proferly on the new PC. Flexi wouldn't run at all but Production Manage would. Go figure. All of my heroic efforts to resuscitate Flexi were in vain. All I coud do was drop print jobs ala PDF's and bitmaps into Production Manager. I could print but not cut. I shopped around and bought a year's license on SignCut Pro. This has some as yet unused stand alone pieces but the main show is a plugin for whatever you're running. Adobe, Corel, whatever. After a brief learning curve I could cut vinyl as well as contour cut prints directly out of Corel X8. SignCut functioned so well that I resubscribed for this year. I highly recommend it.