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What the Font says


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Univers 67 (several versions) however the P O and C are more square than that - I have to add AUX under it and need an exact match - if any one can help I will appreciate it! (sorry its a a scan from a shirt)


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Fred Weiss

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I'm unable to get an accurate match. My best guess is that it is a font that was designed as a more condensed font and which has been expanded. the squared off look of the "O" and "C" are typical of condensed or compressed styles. It's definitely not Univers due to the structure of the "E" being noticeably different. I tried a number of the usual suspects without finding one close enough to recommend.

My suggestion would be to just use Univers 67 since none of the letters are the same anyway. As an alternative, you could also reset the entire text.


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I searched all through my 10,000+ fonts because I KNEW that I had this font. (I used to have it but not sure where it went.)
It's Called Folio Condensed.
I have Folio Bold Condensed BT. I have three fonts that are darn close, and with kerning and stretcing, you can make folieo bold condensed an exact match to the naked eye, but I'm sure you want Folio Condensed. See sample below:

police likeness.jpg