What The Font!??


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I have a client that wants to have some decals made for his truck.
It includes graphics and a font. (Bookman Old Style).
He had the layout done at another shop, and since I did them a favour by turning over one of my files to do embroidery on shirts for a different client - They're returning the favour by supplying me with their artwork.
When I open it up the font looks fuzzy to me , so I tracked it down to be Bookman. BUT, after looking closely at it I can see that the corners on the serifs have been truncated.
Theirs is the bottom one here, mine(the top one) is Bookman Old Style from Corel.
Hope you can see that the corners have been cut on the bottom one. I'll just redo the layout using the Corel version I have, but my question is:
Have you all seen fonts modified this way? And why? Cutting purposes?


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Fred Weiss

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It is closer to ITC Bookman Medium from either Adobe, Linotype or URW. URW did a couple of collections around 1990 or 1991 called Typeworks and Typeworks II. In it they took 500 fonts and gave them 5 additional treatments to the normal version. One of those was rounding of corners.

My guess is that you're looking at that ... or someone manually rounded every corner from the standard ITC Bookman Medium.

It's definitely not the version you have. You can see that from how much more open the bowls in the "B" are in the original sample.


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Thanks Fred I see what you mean by the "B" being opened up.
But the serifs are not rounded, the corners of the seirfis have been cut at a 45 degree angle.
But, once again, I am impressed with your knowledge on this topic.
I guess it's that idea ,that if you change it 5%, you call it your own.