What would you do???


Hello all,

I guess I will try a different approach... Soon I will have a H45000 on my floor as well as the current flatbed I run, Dilli Neotitan 1606.. we dont know what condtion the heads are in on the hp and the dilli had a bad head crash a while back and lost some jets... Does anyone have any feed back on the quality of print the hp will put out??? I am hoping to present to management to sell the two and go with a CET 500 or 500h, I have read alot of good things so far and have some samples on the way. any other thoughts I am open to. Plus we hooked into 2 large retail chain and now we are going to be running alot of Retail POP on 50 point poster board 2 sided and other stuff as well. :)


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CET makes a nice printer. There is a big difference in quality between the express and the Q. If you need good quality at high speeds, go with the express. If you need high quality, sacrifice some of the speed and go with the Q. Not sure if they offer the Q in a hybrid?