What's A Decent Upgrade From SP-540V?


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Hello. I'm relatively new to the print world. I bought a good used Roland SP-540V about 2 months ago, and it came with a ton of extras. I spent a few weeks getting a feel for it, and eventually migrated it into our daily business. Well, it's paid for itself twice over in about 3 weeks, and stays printing constantly. So I'm looking to get another one. I don't mind getting another 540 just like what I have, since I'm pretty familiar with it now, but is there a model that you might suggest that might be a bump up from the 540? I'm not looking to get a new printer yet, just another reliable used one in the $4,000 to $7,000 range.




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VP 540. 4 heads instead of two and exact same machine, but exactly double the speed. We upgraded to an XR-640 and 3 years later got a second one. Workhorse. Not a learning curve really. Same results, different internal technology, same software... just 4 times faster than the SP... exactly 4 times faster, so 2 times the VP when the same file is ripped at the same quality. Just my opinion.