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whats next?


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I copied this from SignBusiness newsletter...... dosen't this mean something new and improved is coming?

Roland Drops Printer Price

Roland DGA Corp., Irvine, Calif., lowers the price of its 30" VersaCAMM SP-300V printer/cutter to $12,995. The machine prints and contour cuts a wide variety of graphics including signs, banners, billboards, POP displays, labels, decals, vehicle and floor graphics, heat transfers for apparel, and more. Features include Roland’s VersaWorks RIP software, a maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi and new ECO-SOL MAX ink.


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Yep, it usually does :) ... but I haven't caught wind of what that may be. Anyone else here know what Roland has up their sleeve? I've heard that they are coming out with 440ml carts for the VersaCAMM series, etc. but I haven't seen anything "official" yet.


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I'd guess that they have either discovered that they have a bunch of these kicking around as most opt for the 54" so now they're trying to blow 'em out, (why wouldn't the 54" be on sale too?).......or, they are sensing that these are going to be outdated soon with the upcoming UV Flatbed stuff on the horizon.



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They just had some party for the new factory in japan I think... There was a story about the new factory in a recent Sign Business or one of those mags I get in the mail. New factory could mean new or updated printer...


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didn't pick up on anything at the fw show those flat beds are impressive & nice but $$$$$ is up there also don't see that being something to contend with now their new cutter was 1900 & has the electronic eye registration for contour cut so another company was packaging it with an epson for cheap like 2000
complete package


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I had a friendly call from the President, the General Manager, and the LA Branch Manager of Mimaki USA yesterday. They were in to take a hard look at our Colorspan flatbed UV printer. It sounds like Mimaki is ready to release a mid-size roll to roll UV later this year. When this technology takes off in smaller platforms it will be an important development for us. UV ink isn't very conformable (for wraps), but it sticks to everything with almost no profiling, dries instantly, rarely needs to be laminated, and is cheaper than dirt. It will certainly set back some Versa-CAMM sales figures.