Whats the best Clear Masking tape?

showcase 66

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First of all, I hate clear tape. Every experience I have had with it has been terrible. I have never purchased it and have only used what I have gotten when I have bought out some local guys of their equipment and supplies, which is probably why I have not had any good results with it.
I dont really want to get any either but I have a client that I am going to decals for her to sell in her store and she wants the clear tape so people can see the colors better. Make sense. Since I have not used clear as much and what ever I have here has no markings so that I know NOT to buy that brand. I come to you guys to let me know which is the best.


J Hill Designs

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just make one that is a showpiece, showing off the colors of what is being sold with transfer tape on it...see it all the time