When Will Adobe Do This...


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I wouldn't want to weld/fab full time. It's harder on your body than doing this stuff and also gets to be just as monotonous as any other job. The price and availability of steel right now is another aggravation. We have a job repairing some barges and best we could do with a quote was leaving a $15k window due to the price of everything. I think when we priced the job 1/4 5x10 carbon steel was $1800/sheet and it dropped a few hundred bucks after we started. We have finished 2 out of 5 and think we are almost to the halfway point of our original budget and we did the easiest ones first.
I get it, but this would be a retirement gig. As it is I only take the gravy jobs. Mostly welding at my table or rarely working with a project on the floor. Restaurant curbs(Vent/MUA) fell into that category, but were easy work. Get the parts aligned and tacked then TIG aluminum the rest of the day. Doing them also taught me an important lesson about air cooled torches.;)