Where can I find Stock Photos Online?

Blake Wright

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Is there a place to find some stock images, photos online royalty free?
Or for a reasonable price?
I found a couple but the wanted like $50 per image.
I need a wedding party, ie: Bride, Groom, Ring Boy, Flower Girl, Brides Maid. All in one picture and just can't find one at all. So finding one I feel safe about putting on a sign seems out of the question.


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125 dollars a month, you can download up to 15 a day or something like that.... they even resample the pictures up to 22MP so you don't have to....


There's some good links posted here (some i knew of and others i didnt). Thanks allot!

Fred Weiss

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Geary said:
I did a Google and got like 170 million hits for "stock photos online". Go figure.


Can you spell digital camera? Last week I couldn't even spell professional photographer ... this week I are one (because Best Buy had a special on Canon Rebels).

The good stuff that sells for big bucks travels from film to drum scanners to color correction to market. The rest is a flood of shoot till you fill the memory chip, upload it to istockphoto and see if anybody buys anything.

Kinda reminds me of the complaints I hear about newbies and plotters.


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Even I don't just fill up my memory chip and post it. I know a lot of guys who do though. I delete an average of about 1 out of 10 shots before I even download them onto the computer. I do magazine work a lot and they demand the best you've got, so why even download the cruddy ones?


Blake Wright

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I did a Google and got like 170 million hits for "stock photos online". Go figure.


I gave up after the first 100 Million.

Then figured I'd just ask to see if there were a few good places that most designers went to.

Wasn't just being lazy