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Need Help Where can I sell used printers


New Member
I am looking for the best sites to sell used large format printers. Are there free classified websites available or do they all have a membership cost?


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
Most are going to be paid other than craigslist which is where we sell most of ours. Global Garage is a good place to go for a paid option. It is specifically for used printers and sign equipment. Other than that Ebay works as well. Signs101 also has a member to member classifieds section although I am not sure how that works pricing wise. I think you have to buy a premium membership?

Joe House

New Member
The classified section is for shops looking to unload equipment that they no longer use. If you're in the business of selling used equipment though, you'll have to get a merchant member subscription. It's a cost of doing business. The owners of this and other sites have expenses to cover and if they're lucky, maybe even earn a profit for the service they provide. It wouldn't be fair for you to make money off of their websites when they don't.