where do you store your rolls of laminate???


Hello all,
i am having a bit of a time trying to get all materials stored in the small print area that i have. i am thinking about storing all my rolls of laminate in my other work shop that i typically do not cool or heat when not in use. i do not use a laminator as i do all my laminating and mounting with my big squeegee...
So was wondering if anyone could possibly tell me if this is a good or bad idea from your experiences. i am in north florida so it obviously gets quite hot here, so dont know how that will effect my rolls of laminate when it is time to use them, but as i say i dont use an automated laminator so am hoping storing these laminate rolls in the heat will be okay...
thanks so much for any info on this :U Rock:


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If they are in a warehouse that stays simi cool they should be fine up to a year with no problems. If your going to be holding on the the vinyl for more then a year I would try to keep somewhere temp controlled. We had 1160 laminate that had been sitting in the warehouse for 2 years. The heat in the warehouse stays pretty cool. When we opened the boxes that material was all warped and unusable. I believe our problem was that the paper backing was slowly soaking up water from the humidity in the air. It was just like a piece of paper that gets wet and you let it dry. It gets all wrinkly and hard.


darn, i was afraid of that... guess its back to the drawing board.
thanks for all your input