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Where to buy Corel 12?


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Can you believe that I have never bought a software program before? What a dork, I know. I have just used what comes on my computer.

I'm looking to buy Corel 12. I know X3 is out but I figure I could find 12 pretty cheap somewhere right now.

I won't even be using a smidge of the capabilities so getting all the new bells & whistles from X3 is probably going to be lost on me anyway.

Where is a reputable place to buy software? Forget ebay. I went there and looks like a lot of bootleg supposed new in box never opened stuff that all you get are the disks with nothing else.


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Amazon... SignTools sells a version 9 for their add on cut program.
Or google Corel10 and you will get a list. I would get X3. A very robust program with many new features. Worth the money. I've used corel since ver 1..... X3 seems to be the latest and greatest.


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If your not going to go get x3, then get corel 11 instead of 12. 12 is a little quirky, 11 is better. I've discussed this with a few others who agreed.


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Well, I bought X3 on ebay a while back, I forget how much but it was a good deal. Just the discs. No book. Some very good features compared to v 12. I could look up the vendor for you, if you like.


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Try CompUSA if you have one near by. Go to the business services desk before check out and tell them you are a business and you will probably get a discount. I don't know about Florida's rules but in Michigan you don't have to pay sales tax on production equipment if you have a tax licence or exemption form (you have to give a signed form to the store).

Staples and Office Max might carry this as well.


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I recently bought a factory sealed full version of Corel 12 on eBay at a great price. There are quite a few available. Check the seller's feedback and watch out for academic versions etc. Also Amazon has great deals on manuals and tutorials for version 12 from their affiliated sellers.