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Where To Purchase


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I am ready to purchase The VMP software and need help from our members. Please advise as to the best VENDOR to make my purchase. Someone who has demonstrated their willingness to assist after sale to insure customer satisfaction.



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Go right to the source and call Bruce at 866-431-1943

The current version is 2.7, but they are waiting on some new dongles before they can ship 2.7. In the meantime, he will give you the code for getting your 2.5 version running.

When you do get 2.7 in the mail, you will want to back up any work you have played around with and then un-install 2.5 before installing 2.7

2.7 works with a dongle and 2.5 works with registration numbers.

I just recently purchased my VMP also and asked Bruce about pricing, as far as how much it will cost to upgrade to 3.0 when it comes out.

Although he could not give me any real cost quotes, he did say that it will be cheaper to get 2.7 now and upgrade to 3.0, instead of just waiting for 3.0 to come out.

I didn't know of any vendors selling VMP, so I ordered it direct.
You can also order it from their website.

Hope this helps.