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Which Font? Ripping my hair out!


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I designed this logo a couple years back when I first bought my vinyl machine. I had some bad life experiences and the machine actually sat all this time. Now I am ready to go ahead and would like to start by cutting my own logo, problem is, I have NO idea what font this is and after 2 days of searching I am asking for your help!

I need the font for the Z (I know what font the words are written in). Thanks in advance.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
You should be able to vectorize it by hand in about a minute. What I come up with for the font before it was stretched is either Futura Bold or Gill Sans Bold.


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I think this is the same font. Its a reversed " EmporiumNF" font.


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Some Sunday afternoon CorelDRAW X3 hand-tracing practice...4 minutes :) PM me with your email and I can send you the Corel CDR file as well as an EPS.


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