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Which reflective vinyl should I use?

Stacey K

I like making signs
Hi All, I'm going to be lettering a police car. I plan to letter the word POLICE with reflective vinyl. I don't use a lot of reflective so I am looking for advice on which to use. The word POLICE will be in yellow. Thanks in advance!


New Member
That's pretty basic stuff. Use whatever brand you are currently using for non-reflective would be my advice. Personally, I keep the 3M RA series in stock as that's what most of my clients spec for their jobs; the air removal system works well. Other shops local to me use the Oracal brand. One thing to watch is color shifts between brands - not all brands have the same color hues as the other. If you have to match an existing car, it would be wise to take a few sample charts with you to see what was used.

Stacey K

I like making signs
The current cars were done using printed vinyl, non-reflective so I'm basically just matching up the yellow as close as I can. I use 3M currently for the few jobs I do so perhaps I should just stick with what I'm used to. Thank you!


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The air egress feature is important because you shouldn't apply reflective using application fluids and it's a tough material to install without getting some bubbles.