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Which software do I need?

Kelsey Adams

New Member
I just purchased a Mutoh Valuejet 1204 and a Vinyl Express Q54. I have the plotter software, but am looking to see what I need to make these both work together as I’ll be using registration marks from the printer to use with the cutter. Thanks!


Active Member
That printer originally came with Mutoh Edition Flexisign & Print RIP Software. Was it not supplied to you with purchase? If not, you need to get some kind of RIP software. Flexisign would work, especially if you didn't get any design software yet. If you already have design software, then Onyx or another RIP will be necessary.

Kelsey Adams

New Member
I purchased everything used and didn’t get software. Thanks for the reply. I was looking at Flexisign, but didn’t want to make the purchase until I was sure it would work with both printer and plotter.
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