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Which Vinyl Cutter do you recoment


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Which Vinyl Cutter do you recomend

Which cutter is the best for me?

First here is my intentions. I want to mainly make race car graphics/numbers and other small stuff. I dont want to buy something and 6 months from now kick my self for not getting something better. I know I want a 24" cutter. Also I currently use and have Corel 10, can I print from corel or should I have other printing software.

Here are some that I have considered.

VE Lynxs


DesignTech 60 (graphtech) From SSK

Any thought or suggestions

Bill Preston

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Everyone has his/her favorite based on their own experiences. Some also have opinions on cutters they wouldn't go near if they were paid to buy them. Bad experiences, usually.

I've had an Ioline Classic 24 for 9 years this month--no problems. Have to admit, I don't probably run as much vinyl through it as a bigger shop.

Friction feed, a couple extra pinch rollers, since 24 inch material had a tendency to belly up sometimes, and ripping would occur. Nice thing about friction feed is you can move the rollers, and cut real narrow strips of material.

Drawback according to some is accuracy on long runs when compared to sprocket feed.

Older Iolines would not cut directly from Corel without a bridge program. The newer ones will.


bill preston


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You have been looking at signwarehouse.com I would at least go with a Panther Pro for vinyl only. However if you are going to be printing on vinyl in the future, I would go with the Graphtec as it has the "eye" already whereas the Panther and Lynx do not. If you can afford it go with a printer/cutter combo like a Roland Verssacam or Mutah Falcon.

The SSK Design Tech is actually a Graphtec made for SSK that has been robbed of some options along with speed. For that money I would go with the Panther Pro plus you get all those extra supplies etc. and spend less money. I own one and absolutely love it. I have been looking into Printing (still in the future), wish mine had the "eye" however I will just go with an all in one printer/cutter when the time comes.

Call around and talk to some suppliers, get a feel for who is good and who is not. Also look to see if you have any in your area so you can see them in person. A lot will run demo's for you to prove there's is better then the next.

You can use Corel just fine, I would look into a bridge program as it offers a lot more user options. Just as Bill Preston stated, a lot of people have there own opinions on plotters etc. Just read the boards out there as this subject has been done over and over. Do your research, and add up your pro's and con's and go from there.


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I'll second the Summa line. I too have a D-60 and never had any problems with it.

Summa cutters come with software that will let you cut from Corel with a few clicks of the mouse. It should also be mentioned that a full version of Corel is needed inorder to support the cut programs. Acedemic/Teacher versions will not work no matter what you do.

I've used Corel 10 for the past couple years and have just recently upgraded to Corel 12. I'd suggest upgrading.