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Teachers open the door..........but you must enter by yourself

Ok all you little smart alec whippersnappers. While Fred is busy doing other stuff, I have been asked to substitute the assignments class. I won't be giving daily assignments, because that would be annoying to you. I might toss in a daily quote to ponder because I love quotes, and I hope you will contribute as well. (This may have an effect on your overall grade) :wink:

This weeks assignment is to either tell about or show your favorite job. I am encouraging you bashful ones to make the move and post, as well as everyone else who cares to. It is easy to post pictures in signs101. So hopefully we will see some pictures!

Join in the fun! ( I don't want to get canned yet, by non interest):tongue:

Success is that old ABC- Ability, Breaks, and Courage.

We know you have the Ablility, or you wouldn't be in biz. Here is your Break..... so get up your Courage and post!

sincerely, Ms THATlady:wink:


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Alright you miserable little curs. (look it up if you don't know what it means)
I know you can do it. I will not give up on you just because you are the stay up all night, drink too much gatorade, watch too much TV, never do your homework types. Now pay attention. All you have to do is tell us about your favorite job or customer and you could wind up with an A+. Effort is everything this week.
My favorite is for a large company. The signs are not always all that fun to make, but they call, make the order, I make the signs & ship them to Indiana and immediately get paid! The reason they are my favorite is because they never ask 'how much'. They pay right away. And the owner is super nice.

Another favorite is for a commercial realtor....again the signs are not always very creative....but he pays before I start the job.

Now don't make me send nasty notes to your parents because you aren't doing your homework.


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Hi Cheryl, I'd like to talk a little about my favorite customer. The gentleman called me this spring to make some signs for his shop. He used to sell antiques, but was getting out of that and into a new field that seems to be taking off here in NY. The field is rustic furniture and design. Alot of the products come from all over the world, and most of the furniture is rustic and made locally. They also have moose heads for wall mounts, and the last time I stopped in there was a large mountain lion on a frame looking for a buyer.
The signs I made were a few directional 4'x4' signs at different intersections, for the shop is in a very remote area. Also made a couple signs located on the building. I hope to post a pic from my sign program when I get home. I really like working for this customer because he's honest up front and likes the job I do even though I haven't been at this very long.
Here is a link to his website: www.sacandagarusticdesigns.com



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Hi George......thanks for your contribution.....looking forward to seeing those pictures for the rustic furniture customer! Seems like that would be a fun job.

zeeman....by the looks of your picture, you may want to cut down on that powerade. Doesn't that stuff make you stay up all night dear?

Now for the rest of you sluffers...get busy. Report cards will be coming out soon.


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Here's a picture:


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I love theme park work, I don't know if I have a favorite, but this is one of them, I have posted a couple of pics of this project in Spain, here are a few new ones.






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Ahhhh yes my little hot potatoes. Now we are cooking!
Very nice layout George!
And Rick.....nice work on your part too!


Fred Weiss

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Posting Photos

While I have no objection to your posting photos in threads, but may I also suggest that they be uploaded to the new gallery. The gallery provides better image handling features while still giving a large area to talk about the picture and members can also post comments.

One of the main benefits though will be it's permanency if done this way for Signs 101 members. When you use the IMG tags for posting a photo, it's appearance depends on it still being online at the location it is linked to. Uploading to the gallery, overcomes that shortcoming and will prevent a post with a little red X where your image used to be somewhere down the road.



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do i get a kiss from the teacher??? heheheheheh or i shouldnt be postin here. this is latest vinyl worK.
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bob burns

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I'd just like to add a comment about making those cheap-ass customers add a little more to your pocketbook.
We all know that the customer wants not only the best price he can get, but, more often it's VALUE he wants! So when you finally deliver that order, give him something extra in relationship to what he paid for. ie. a fancy border......some shading on the main copy.......a set of magnetics......2 dz. custom business cards......whatever! It'll go a long way in making the customer pay up and return for the next job!


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You are very right Bob. Give them more than they expect.

Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential. Liane Cordes