white boarder around eps in versaworks


sometimes when i add a file to versaworks i am getting a white boarder around the file which makes it too big sometimes and will add a thin part of the .eps down below. Other times i add a file and the selection box is tight against the eps and the file fits perfectly. What am i doing that sometimes makes that boader?


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Sometimes a border happens if your art board is larger then your art. I've only noticed this in the new versaworks. I generally resize my art board to the borders of art before saving.
I dunno why.. But it's a fix


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It's likely the EPS Margin in VersaWorks.

VW adds a little bit of a margin to EPS files because any cut lines on the edge of the file will be missed. If you click the "File Format" button in your job properties you'll see the option for the margin at the top.

It will likely be greyed out. If that's the case, then you need to change the settings in the Queue Settings (Edit Menu>Queue A/B Settings)

Mike F

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What's the ideal .eps margin again?

Ever since I updated VW I'm getting the white space around my files...and I can't for the life of me remember what I had the margin set at before updating.

Not sure what's ideal but mine is set to .35

P Wagner

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The two are separate issues. The EPS margin can be as little as .02" and you'll be fine, as it is intended to account for rounding errors.

Typically EPS files only save the objects on the artboard/ page, whereas PDF files save the page itself, in addition to it's contents. When you bring a PDF file into a RIP, the page itself is part of the file, including any and all white space around the objects that populate the page.


where is the option in Illy? when i save i noticed a option on the bottom that statesp- Use art boards= all or range- something like that. thanks again guys.


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If your bounding box is set to objects, there may be white or transparent objects in the design which aren't visible printed but which still affect the boundaries of the artwork. This happens with EPS. Try a clipping mask (or in Corel, a PowerClip curve) over all the artwork.