White coming out as Yellow (JPEG)


Hey Guys/Gals

I seem to have an issue with my Pro II. When I try to print a jpeg image with any bit of white/gradients to white, they turn a yellow colour. Almost as if it were a negative. Looks horrible.

I've tried flattening in illustrator, I've tried multiple profiles, cleaned the machine and did an env. match. NOTHING!!

I've attached a couple pics of how it's suposed to appear and now how its showing now. This is a sponsor board for a local hockey ***. this prints are a year apart. I can get by for now but I have noticed this quite a bit when theres a bitmap or jpeg embedded in a vector file it seems to drop all color settings. Usually happening on lighter colors and bitmap gradients or raster gradients.



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Flatten any transparencies and set the rendering intent for bitmaps to 'Perceptual'.


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OK, try this..

Print a white vector rectangle and a white bitmap rectangle side by side. They should print identically.

If the vector label is white and the bitmap is not then there's probably something in your setup that's not properly dealing with bitmaps. Most often that would be your rendering intent but, since you tried perceptual and that didn't do anything for you, I'm not sure what to tell you.

If both are not white, suspect your profile.

If both are white then there's probably something wrong with your input. Most likely a transparency that's sneaking through or, as noted above, perhaps the bitmap isn't really white where you think it is.