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White space printing grey in Omega

David Snider

New Member
I had to reformat my hard drive and of course reload all software. But since the reload my white spaces in my designs are printing grey.

I've tried various settings in the "color management" settings but no matter what the changes I still end up with the same results.

I recorded my previous settings before the reinstall but those don't seem to work either. Any help would be appreciated.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I had to tinker with this a while back and ended up with a setting of 8 for the "White Threshhold" on the Vinyl Printer Filter (CMYK) and the Black Threshhold turned off. The suggested settings are different and were giving me the same problem.

The setting, in case you're missing it is reached by clicking on the Black/White Filter Button once you're in the Color Management dialog.


New Member
Read page 16 of this PDF from Gerber.... http://www.gspinc.com/support/fastfacts/ShowFF.asp?ff=3556

You need to adjust the black/white threshold.

Also, something you may want to try is to import the image into Photoshop and use the Curves command to adjust the Black/White thresholds of the image. Just because something looks "white" on your monitor doesn't mean it is. You need to check it. Use the "Info" window to test the white areas to see just how "white" they really are. Its all really in the "numbers". If a "white" area shows something other than 255 in the RGB numbers, then you have color and the Edge is going to print it.

David Snider

New Member
Thank you Fred and GT,

I had a multitude of problems with my color settings. The white and black thresholds were not right...finally got those corrected to where all looked good on the screen and when saving as a JPG and bringing artwork into Photoshop the white is now white.

My final trouble was when printing out to my printer. I had the printer setting in "color management" set to no color correction just like I had it before but when I changed it, It finally printed out correctly. :rolleyes:

I say all of this for anyone else who may have the same trouble. Because I took extra care to write down all my color settings before the reinstall, but when I entered those settings again they didn't work for some reason. Anyway, Thanks for the help