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Who did this?


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Ok, time to fess up, who's the shop owner on here that does this kind of work?


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F*ckin' A right, they are.

Wait til OSHA sees his footwear. I hope the lift ability is more than his weight. Another OSHA violation.


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From one Panhandle to another, I witnessed something similar in Idaho in the middle of winter. Guy at a gas station with an extension ladder propped in the back of a pickup, pounding on something on the roof topper over the gas pumps....late at night...snowing. Unfortunately was unable to get a picture and saw nothing in the local paper the next day so I guess he survived.

Johnny Best

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Thats gotta be GAC05 on Guam, I can tell by his flipflops. His big belly keeps the pressure from the strap off his balls.